Our story

Our passion begins with our grandfather Pietro in 1904 in Pian di Castagnè.
Pietro grew up in a family of sharecrop farmers, and when count Cesare of Acquarone passed away, he redeemed the lands he had been cultivating for him.

The grandfather’s dedication to the land and to the hard work made him love those lands as much as his own family.


Grandfather Pietro begins his endeavour as a self-employed worker breeding livestock and growing grapevines and corn. Pietro was so proud of his work, that, when selling at the market of the near town Montorio he used to offer some of his olives as a gift, without worrying about his own profit.


Roberto, one of seven Pietro’s sons, saw how much passion Pietro did put in his work, and decided to help him, although he already had a profession of his own. So father and son together changed the cherry groves into grapevine plantations, and the corn plantations into olive groves. Although those times weren’t so much profitable as to allow Roberto to mantain farming as the only income, he felt that those sarcifices would have been important for the generations to come.


Today Andrea, together with his father Roberto, has decided to go on investing in grandfather Pietro’s insight. After he had being farming besides practicing a job of his own as a carpenter, Andrea decided to study in order to get a degree in oenology at the University of Verona and to invest his time by travelling to gather as many skills as possible.

The mission of Il Pian farm is to produce the best extra virgin olive oil bringing to the table a guaranteed product both in terms of quality and origin.

We are proud of our work

Olive trees

Years of tradition



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